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Diaper Cake Instructions: Free Printable PDF

Posted by: Kristi on: August 1, 2012

Diaper cakes make a great gift for baby because they are fully customizable to match the shower or nursery, they are chic, and best of all they are practical – all in one!

If you are not feeling particularly crafty or are crunched for time, we have a fantastic selection of baby diaper cakes that will please any new mom.  But since it is nearly impossible to carry a baby diaper cake for every shower theme or color, we decided to write a detailed guide on how to make a diaper cake yourself.

So, for all the do-it-yourselfers out there, here are the instructions on how to build your very own 3-tiered diaper cake.  Enjoy.


View it below and download it here.


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[…] Yes, making a 3-tier diaper cake is very easy. Here are free printable instructions: Baby diaper cake instructions For unique diaper cake ideas you can find some on this blog diaper cake ideas Have fun and good […]

[…] Repeat for the middle and upper tiers with the smaller frying pans. When you finish you should have 3 “wheels” that you can stack together with these diaper cake instructions. […]

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